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Are we ready for 5G in South Africa?

  5G has become the new buzzword that we are hearing everywhere. 5G is said to be the era of intelligent connectivity, but what exactly is 5G? In short, 5G or fifth generation is cellular network technology that provides broadband access. It offers connections much faster than our current connection, but this technology is so much more than just faster [...]

Restraint of trade in the ICT space, is it unreasonable?

Restraint of trade in the telecommunication space, is it unreasonable? Restraints of trade are often overlooked in contracts. Very often we sign an agreement but don’t pay attention to the fine print. There have been some interesting court rulings in recent years in the Telecom space that has favoured the employer. A restraint of trade clause is one that prohibits [...]

By | 20th May, 2019|Labour law|

BBBEE code of good practice compliance is extended

The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment's ("BBBEE") Code of Good Practice (“the New Codes”) was published for public comment towards the end 2012. However, companies are still not completely familiar with the New Codes and some companies struggle to get increased ratings now that the rating requirements have been decreased from 7 to 5. Large industries in South Africa such [...]

By | 29th July, 2014|Commercial Law, PPM Attorneys|

The right to dignity and privacy: complaint against Carte Blanche

A hearing was held in November 2013, before the Broadcasting Complaints Commission South Africa (“BCCSA”). The complaint followed an insert that Carte Blanche did where it exposed Global Visas (“the complainant”) that provides services in obtaining visas and employment overseas on behalf of its clients. The complainant alleged that the portrayal of its business by Carte Blanche was inaccurate and that [...]

By | 27th March, 2014|Constitutional Law, Media Law, PPM Attorneys, Privacy Law|

What you need to know about sexting

“Sexting” like the word “selfie” has become very colloquial and everyone seems to know the meaning but are children under the age of 18 aware that sexting could get them jail time? Sexting, which refers to “the sending of sexually explicit photographs or messages via mobile phone” has become very popular; however, the repercussions of this new craze has not [...]

By | 20th March, 2014|Child law, PPM Attorneys, Privacy Law|

The south african police services and microsoft work together to clamp down on software pirates

There has been an increase in the number of software pirates in the last year and as a result, the South African Police Service (“SAPS”) together with the Hawks enlisted the help of Microsoft to clamp down on these crimes. Microsoft has piracy prevention programmes that were used to identify counterfeit and / or unlicensed Microsoft software. The multinational software [...]

By | 19th March, 2014|Commercial Law, PPM Attorneys, Technology Law|

Individual challenges city of Johannesburg advert at advertising standards authority and loses

An interesting complaint was lodged with the Advertising Standards Authority (“the Authority”) recently. The complainant was listening to the radio when an advert from the City of Johannesburg (“the City”) was broadcast. The advert stated amongst other things that the City was financially stable. The complainant lodged a complaint based on Clause 4.2.1 in Section II of the Code of Advertising [...]

By | 5th December, 2013|Advertising law, PPM Attorneys|