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Mars caught in “the soup”

The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) has recently released its finding on the complaint laid by Unilever against Mars. In its complaint, Unilever alleged that Mars was using misleading packing for its Royco soup. The packing of the soup contained the words “for every pack you buy, you feed a hungry child”. Unilever argued that consumers purchasing the soup were being [...]

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Clarifying the issue on who can issue licenses to animal wranglers in terms of the protection of performing animals act, no 24 of 1935 (papa)

The advertising and entertainment industry was in frenzy recently over who may issue a license to animal wranglers. Animal wranglers were faced with uncertainty as they were told that magistrates were no longer issuing such licenses. Many needed to apply for or renew their licenses as they are only valid for a calendar year and expire on 31 December of [...]

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How trade mark infringement may cost you millions

Trade mark infringement is becoming more and more popular. Advertising agencies fail to advise their clients of the possible legal battles they may be faced with if they make use of registered trade mark in adverts without the owner of that trade mark’s consent. Smartphone giant, BlackBerry recently lodged a successful complaint against Liqui-fruit, for using the slogan BlackBerry, to [...]

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A brief summary of how to file a complaint with the advertising standards authority of south africa (asa)

1. Introduction In the fast paced and ever changing society in which South Africans live and work, we are constantly bombarded with advertising via different media such as television, billboards and radio. Society as a whole has certain norms and ethical codes to which it adheres, taking cognizance of the rights to freedom of expression of the press and media. [...]

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