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Why it is imperative to have social media policy in the workplace?

Introduction Companies use online platforms to interact, create and share content online to promote their products and services, raise their company’s profile as it gets the company’s name and brand out into the public domain and to make it easily accessible to its customers. However, issues arise when there are no guidelines to regulate the content that is allowed on [...]

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Costly arbitration clauses

AB Company and Bob conclude a settlement Agreement (“the Agreement”) and his employment relationship with AB Company terminates. The Agreement includes an arbitration clause which provides as follows: “Any controversy / claim arising in terms of this Agreement shall be resolved in terms of binding arbitration by a sole arbitrator in Durban in terms of the Labour Relations Act.” Should [...]

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Can you fire someone for their Facebook / Twitter posts??

South Africa’s Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”) has accepted in recent cases that employees may be dismissed for posting false, derogatory remarks about their employers or employers clients on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks or blogs, as these posts might harm the ongoing employment relationship, bring the employers name into disrepute and may equate to a form [...]

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