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Blurred lines: fair comment or statement of fact

“the Nkandla report shows how Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. VOTE DA on 7 MAY to beat corruption. Together for change” The above statement forms part of the contents of a “controversial” mobile phone short message service (“SMS”) which earlier this month, caused the African National Congress (“ANC”) to bring an urgent interdict before the South [...]

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The right to dignity and privacy: complaint against Carte Blanche

A hearing was held in November 2013, before the Broadcasting Complaints Commission South Africa (“BCCSA”). The complaint followed an insert that Carte Blanche did where it exposed Global Visas (“the complainant”) that provides services in obtaining visas and employment overseas on behalf of its clients. The complainant alleged that the portrayal of its business by Carte Blanche was inaccurate and that [...]

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The oscar broadcast judgment: why the court got it just right

The North Gauteng High Court today handed down judgment in the application by various media houses to broadcast Oscar Pistorius’ trial live. The essence of the ruling is that: Television and radio broadcast media houses may broadcast elements of the trial live; Restrictions have been placed on where the cameras may be located in the court and the fact that [...]

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How much do you think a twitter picture will cost you??

In recent days, a federal jury ordered two media companies to cough up a total of $1,2 million in damages to a freelance photojournalist pursuant to their unauthorised usage of his Twitter photographs. The agencies in question – Agence France-Presse and its American partner, Getty Images. It would therefore appear that persons and entities, big and small are still unaware [...]

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Why it is imperative to have social media policy in the workplace?

Introduction Companies use online platforms to interact, create and share content online to promote their products and services, raise their company’s profile as it gets the company’s name and brand out into the public domain and to make it easily accessible to its customers. However, issues arise when there are no guidelines to regulate the content that is allowed on [...]

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Clarifying the issue on who can issue licenses to animal wranglers in terms of the protection of performing animals act, no 24 of 1935 (papa)

The advertising and entertainment industry was in frenzy recently over who may issue a license to animal wranglers. Animal wranglers were faced with uncertainty as they were told that magistrates were no longer issuing such licenses. Many needed to apply for or renew their licenses as they are only valid for a calendar year and expire on 31 December of [...]

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Is your intellectual property protected over the internet??

In today’s modern era of media and technology, it is quite surprising that the South African law on copyright and intellectual property has fallen behind its international counterparts, as it still does not provide for technological developments such as the internet. A vast amount of material such as music, program, video, art, literary works, graphics etc. are but a click [...]

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Facebook terms of use: Things you need to know

Introduction Facebook. One does not need to define that ‘word’ if I may call it that. It’s new speak. If you are not on it where have you been, and where are you going? So many of us are on the ‘social utility that connects you with people around you’. Yet how many of us actually read those terms of [...]

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Mobile tv: Half a billion mobile tv subscribers by 2010 – Are broadcasting licenses really necessary?

Mobile TV – The Service Recent research indicates that Mobile TV services (television content broadcast to cellphones) will grow from its current 6.4 million to 500 million subscribers worldwide by the end of 2010. This translates to an estimated US$42.8 billion in revenue generated by mobile entertainment. Maybe not surprising then that the first-ever World Cup global sponsor from Africa [...]

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