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Your private Facebook messages can be used in court against you even if you were hacked

The recent judgement of Harvey v Niland and Others, has drawn attention to the limitation of our fundamental right to privacy on social media platforms. This has major implications on our private social media activities as any personal information that you send can potentially be used in court, irrespective of how these messages were obtained. This judgement was handed down [...]

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Using tweets as ads: Lessons to learn from the “inside Llewyn Davis” controversy

The promoters of the Oscar contender movie Inside Llewyn Davis, created controversy earlier this year. They used the tweet of well-known film critic AO Scott to promote the movie in a New York Times ad.  They did this despite Scott refusing to give them permission. The controversy was fortunately amicably resolved. If, as a minimum, you consider the following two [...]

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Employers, employees and social media: when it comes to employees who owns what?

In modern day society, most companies make use of social media platforms to market themselves and to grow the company’s brand. Such companies therefore have administrators for the use of the company’s social media activities. The social media administrator is therefore trained and will have knowledge of the proper use of the social media accounts. In instances where social media [...]

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Posting naked images of children online now illegal

So you just gave birth to a new adorable bundle of joy and you want to show him/her off to the world. What better way to do so than to upload an image on to your favourite social media page? All the cute things she/he may get up to must be shared with your closest friends and family, and if [...]

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I tweet what I like: employee disclaimers on social media

I am employed at a law firm and I have a twitter account on which I tweet in my “personal capacity”. My biography explicitly states that “the views tweeted here are explicitly my own”. Does this give me carte blanche to tweet what I like? The views expressed on social media, in as much as they are tweeted in one’s [...]

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Hashtag activism – what’s the point??

Following the recent kidnapping of over 200 school girls in North East Nigeria by militant Islamic group – Boko Haram,[1] the world has seen a reintroduction of the concept of “hashtag activism”. What is hashtag activism? Does it serve a purpose (if any)? Does it achieve the result intended? Is it merely a waste of social media time? Hashtag activism [...]

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Does your client really own the content from that successful social media campaign you just ran?

There have been a few really good user-generated content social media marketing campaigns recently.  A quick and informal survey of a the terms and conditions of a number of these marketing campaigns showed some lack of understanding regarding whether ownership (copyright) in user generated content could be transferred to advertisers by users simply accepting terms and conditions electronically. User generated [...]

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Social media images and videos – when can you use them??

So you found a Facebook photo or a Twitter image or perhaps even a YouTube video that you really like – can you use it?? Perhaps you’re a freelance writer or a BBC journalist or just a young artistic kid with a YouTube page. Do you know what the legal restrictions are when it comes to making use of other [...]

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How much do you think a twitter picture will cost you??

In recent days, a federal jury ordered two media companies to cough up a total of $1,2 million in damages to a freelance photojournalist pursuant to their unauthorised usage of his Twitter photographs. The agencies in question – Agence France-Presse and its American partner, Getty Images. It would therefore appear that persons and entities, big and small are still unaware [...]

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Why it is imperative to have social media policy in the workplace?

Introduction Companies use online platforms to interact, create and share content online to promote their products and services, raise their company’s profile as it gets the company’s name and brand out into the public domain and to make it easily accessible to its customers. However, issues arise when there are no guidelines to regulate the content that is allowed on [...]

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