South Africa’s Labour laws are amongst the most complex in the world.  Due to a previously disadvantaged past, South African Labour laws are strict in order to provide protection to employees in particular but employers as well.

Foreign organisations find it difficult to navigate these laws and need a partner to assist and provide legal services in this regard. Local organisations find these laws equally cumbersome and require our assistance.

At PPM attorneys, we provide the following Labour law services with a particular focus on the Information Security, Media and Technology sector and other industries:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts, restraints of trade; non-disclosure agreements;
  • Advice and assistance on dismissals, incapacity, misconduct, demotions, unfair labour practices etc
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings;
  • Advice and assistance on retrenchments and restructuring of companies; and
  • Broad advice on a wide range of Labour issues.

We have advised and assisted, marketing, media/entertainment, logistics and mining companies, a variety of foreign clients and private individuals on South African Labour law.

So, whether you are a foreign organisation in South Africa, or a South African organisation, or an individual that needs assistance and guidance on South African Labour law, we are experienced and qualified to assist you.

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