Below find examples of projects related to Technology. We have:

  • Advised a state owned entity on a transaction related to the licensing of satellite control software to a satellite manufacturer;
  • Advised a Consortium during its application for a commercial broadcasting licence under the Electronic Communications Act;
  • Advised an international mining house on a major applications management outsourcing transaction valued at R55 million. Particular emphasis was placed on compliance with standards such as ITIL etc;
  • Advised a multinational telecommunications operator on regulatory and administrative law and successfully applied for an Electronic Communications Licence on its behalf;
  • Advised a multinational telecommunications operator on numerous agreements including infrastructure related agreements, IP Transmission agreements, terms and conditions of service and general regulatory and compliance advice;
  • Advised an Electronic Communications Network Services licensee (infrastructure licensee) on network construction framework agreements, financing agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
  • Advised a multi-national mining house on various information technology procurement related transactions valued at between R500k and R15 million;
  • Advised on irregularities in the procurement and contractual processes governing the procurement of information technology equipment valued at R150 million;
  • Advising the client and drafting supply and service level agreements relating to the procurement of technology related services valued at between R100 million and R500 million;
  • Advised the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa on the legal aspects relating to the process of considering applications, and issuing licences, for the first commercial satellite broadcasting licences being issued in South Africa. An in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the Electronic Communications Act was require;
  • Advised radio broadcasting licence applicants who have applied for licences under both the repealed Independent Broadcasting Authority Act, and the Electronic Communications Act;
  • Advised an international telecommunications operator in a complaint filed against Telkom regarding Telkom’s refusal to provide services arising out of Telkom’s claim of exclusivity on frame relay;
  • Advised a global supplier of computer hardware and services on a complaint filed with ICASA by Telkom in respect of alleged breaches of its VANS licence as a result of the provision of virtual private networks to its clients;
  • Advised, a US based satellite communications organisation during discussions with ICASA regarding frequency spectrum availability for purposes of earth stations; and
  • Advised on amendment process of PSTS operator licence to align the licence with the competition provisions of the old Telecommunications Act.

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