Technology is changing at a rapid pace.  The world is moving toward inventing new industrial models and to building smarter cities.  With that 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) come new sets of laws and regulations regulating issues like telecommunications, broadband data, privacy, identity and cybersecurity and the need to have expert lawyers by your side. PPM Attorneys is a firm that has extensive experience in the Information, and Communications Technology (ICT) space.  Our professionals have broad experience, both in South Africa and internationally, on issues relating to these matters.

Our clients

Our clients include and have included: China Telecom; Comservice Solutions and the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) to name a few.

Our experience

We have advised our clients on various matters relating to ICT, such as:

  • Licensing of satellite control software to a satellite manufacturer;
  • Applying for broadcasting licences under the Electronic Communications Act;
  • Compliance with ITIL standards for a major mining house;
  • Advising a public entity on the withdrawal of an irregularly awarded tender for the supply of information technology related systems;
  • The negotiation of joint ventures across Africa to set up data centres;
  • Advising a state institution on a major transaction related to the procurement of cloud services; and
  • Due diligences with a focus on ICT-related matters.

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