Media, Intellectual Property
and Advertising Law

Media Law

We advise clients on various areas of law pertaining to communication, including intellectual property law, advertising law and more generally media law.

Our well researched opinions extend to both national and international laws on digital content, broadcasting, promotional competitions, and social media advertising.

Our experience:

Drafted production agreements, satellite broadcasting agreements, artists’ performance and clearance agreements with Cricket South Africa for the New Age Friendship “Bollywood” Concert forming party of the 150 year celebration of the arrival of Indians in SA;

Drafted production and sponsorship agreements for an international mining house and other commercial entities for corporate promotional videos;

Provided legal advisory work to a multi-national experiential marketing agency related to commercial law, marketing and events and digital media;

Advised a multi-national content production house (television series and digital content producer in plain English) on production and contestant agreements, regulatory matters relating to the National Lotteries Act and issues of promotional competitions; regulatory matters relating to mobile content and the terms and conditions governing distribution of mobile content; provided advice related to promotional competitions under the Consumer Protection Act;

Advised a production house on production and related agreements regarding pre-production, production and post-production materials, all technical equipment and services and television studio facilities, office space and infrastructure;

Represented a South African production house in its application for assistance through the Department of Trade and Industry’s Film Incentive Scheme and in its application for project finance through an international funder; and

Registration of trade marks with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”).

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but we don’t think so in this case.

We are aware of the phishing email that has been circulated to many people. Although we are not the firm mentioned in the phishing email you may have received, we’ve received several calls because of the similarity to our firm name so, unless you’d like to have a chat about other technology law matters, please don’t call us as we won’t be able to help. 

We know the firm in the phishing email is a genuine law firm, based in Cape Town, and we’ve alerted them to what is likely an impersonation scam.

If you’d like to learn more about phishing, click on the following link (we promise this is a legitimate link ) to watch this entertaining video we did eight years ago.