We all know that having a good lawyer on your team is crucial to long term success in business. Because of this, we would like to see ourselves as not only your lawyers, but your long term partner. Once you decide to use our services, you will join a satisfied group of clients, some of whom have been with us for many years.

We recognise that, our good reputation and brand are dependent on our clients’ satisfaction. Apart from what we say above, here are a few more reasons you should use us:

  • You have access to a firm operating for 12 years and combined experience of over 40 years;
  • When you ask for our help, we are clear about what we know and what we don’t know;
  • You will benefit from a firm which is not the cheapest, but also not ridiculously expensive;
  • We are rated Level 1 for Black Economic Empowerment purposes: an important factor when doing business in South Africa;
  • Our professional staff complement is typically about 80% women;
  • We have 12 client focused principles that govern the way we operate; and
  • We have outstanding credentials and an unblemished track record, with a long list of great references.

Download our 12 steps to success PDF