More often than not, contractual litigation and dispute always involve small businesses you often opt to do business with, resulting from poorly drafted service level agreements or none at all. Very often you hear a business owner saying: “…why should I sign a contract if I am only doing work with people I know and trust?”

Well, think again!! Imagine the feeling when you have completed the work and the client, who happens to be your friend, tells you “…sorry, I can’t pay!” How do you ensure that you are protected in this situation?

Well…always make sure that you have a clear, well written agreement governing your relationship with your client. Make sure that the contract is legally enforceable and it clearly reflects your intentions, so that you don’t lose billions of Rands to delinquent clients.

Some of the most important clauses are those confidentiality clauses or derived from confidentially agreement or non-disclosure agreements. Imagine if you get into a freak accident, how will you prove that your clients have promised to pay you certain amounts? Scary isn’t it?

Here at PPM Attorneys, we know all the secrets ingredients to protect your rights when it comes to contractual issues!