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Introduction The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) recently ruled that Duracell’s claim that its batteries “last up to 10 times longer” than ordinary zinc batteries was misleading to consumers and effectively breached Clause 4.2.1 of Section II of the Code.  This decision followed a referral by Eveready (Pty) Ltd which stated that Duracell’s advertising campaign breached five codes under the ASA’s [...]

By | 9th November, 2017|Advertising law, PPM Attorneys|


Introduction Most companies enter into contracts on a regular basis for, inter alia, service level agreements, property or equipment leases, advertising agreements, production agreements etc.  Some of these contracts are simple and easily understandable while others are completely incomprehensible.  As a result, it is very easy for a party to glance over a contract without understanding what their obligated to [...]

By | 10th October, 2017|Commercial Law, PPM Attorneys|


Take a moment to consider these 2 important questions: How many time have you brought your own device to work and connected it to the server? How many times have you taken your work devices home and connected them to your personal Wi-Fi? If the answer is “one time too many”, then I suggest you pay careful attention to this [...]

By | 7th June, 2017|Data Protection, Information Security, PPM Attorneys, Privacy Law|


We have all heard of devastating stories both locally and internationally of children and adults who have committed harmful acts towards themselves or others due to cyberbullying.  It would however appear that this is phenomenon is on the rise especially following the tremendous growth of social media across the world.  Mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram have [...]

By | 7th June, 2017|PPM Attorneys, Social media law|


With the advent of modern technology taking the forefront in today's society, more people are inclined to make use of electronic payment systems such as internet banking[1].  Although internet banking does appear to be more convenient, it is not without fault as was experienced by Monica Kruger.  During 2016, Kruger, a business woman from George was defrauded of an amount [...]

By | 6th March, 2017|Commercial Law, Information Security, PPM Attorneys, Privacy Law|

Advocates to deal directly with the public – yay or nay??

Introduction After almost ten years of debate, the Minister of Justice revealed the Department of Justice’s plans to allow for advocates to approach the public directly. This plan however has over the last year been met with staunch criticism from various members of the legal sector at large as it essentially seeks to repeal the existing legislation governing attorneys and [...]

By | 7th July, 2015|Legal Practice, PPM Attorneys|

Posting naked images of children online now illegal

So you just gave birth to a new adorable bundle of joy and you want to show him/her off to the world. What better way to do so than to upload an image on to your favourite social media page? All the cute things she/he may get up to must be shared with your closest friends and family, and if [...]

By | 21st July, 2014|Child law, PPM Attorneys, Privacy Law, Social media law|

Hashtag activism – what’s the point??

Following the recent kidnapping of over 200 school girls in North East Nigeria by militant Islamic group – Boko Haram,[1] the world has seen a reintroduction of the concept of “hashtag activism”. What is hashtag activism? Does it serve a purpose (if any)? Does it achieve the result intended? Is it merely a waste of social media time? Hashtag activism [...]

By | 26th May, 2014|PPM Attorneys, Social media law|

Social media images and videos – when can you use them??

So you found a Facebook photo or a Twitter image or perhaps even a YouTube video that you really like – can you use it?? Perhaps you’re a freelance writer or a BBC journalist or just a young artistic kid with a YouTube page. Do you know what the legal restrictions are when it comes to making use of other [...]

By | 24th April, 2014|IP Law, PPM Attorneys, Social media law|

How much do you think a twitter picture will cost you??

In recent days, a federal jury ordered two media companies to cough up a total of $1,2 million in damages to a freelance photojournalist pursuant to their unauthorised usage of his Twitter photographs. The agencies in question – Agence France-Presse and its American partner, Getty Images. It would therefore appear that persons and entities, big and small are still unaware [...]

By | 5th December, 2013|IP Law, Media Law, PPM Attorneys, Social media law|