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Silicon Valley is known for being a region in the USA that houses the most significant number of innovative technology companies.

Silicon Valley is known for being a region in the USA that houses the most significant number of innovative technology companies.  Silicon Valley is deemed to be the world’s technology capital, home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, such as Facebook, Apple, Google and Netflix.

With the dawning of BRICS countries as the world’s leading emerging economies emphasise must be placed on regions within the BRICS nations that are considered innovation hubs where innovation hubs have sprouted and where the evolution of IP Law and data protections of innovative technology companies may develop. 

Brazil’s tech powerhouse in Campinas in São Paulo and is home to 32 of the 500 largest IT companies in the world.  Campinas is known for its efficient road network and airport infrastructure, qualified workforce and proximity to suppliers, universities and research centre.

Russia most innovative tech hub is debatable but one area that can be considered an ambitious and expensive Russian Silicon Valley project is Skolkovo.  The vibrant hub includes five “clusters” specializing in different areas. These include information technology, energy, nuclear technologies, biomedicine and space technologies.

In India, Bangalore city is marked as a hub for information technology companies in India.  Bangalore enjoys an advantage regarding proximity to educational and entrepreneurial institutions focused on technology. 

It is safe to say that when you examine China’s Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen come to mind but the promise of fourteen more national-level innovation demonstration zones outside of three zones are at the heart of the continued cycle of China’ tech base of innovative tech companies.

South Africa hopes of innovative “ecosystems”, or communities that consist of researchers and software developers, digital “makers”, business start-ups, SMEs, as well as corporate clients and investors in innovation can be found in Silicone Cape and Johannesburg.  

The evolution of BRICS nations legal modernization may just be waiting to begin within the most versatile of the arena’s the home of BRICs countries tech hubs.

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