Delivering ICT Infrastructure and Services Through PPPs Webinar

Communications are the lifeblood of a market economy, and digital communications are increasingly central to that…. There is evidence of sufficient capacity to deliver on these objectives if they are implemented through private-public cooperation.” – National Infrastructure Plan 2050

PPM Attorneys invites you to to join our webinar on delivering ICT Infrastructure and services in South Africa through Public-Private Partnerships.

Join our speakers as they unpack:
How South Africa’s National Infrastructure Plan 2050 promotes delivering ICT infrastructure and services through PPPs.
Why PPPs are a solution to delivering ICT infrastructure and services: case studies from other countries that have had successes.
The laws governing PPPs in South Africa and the status of proposed changes to simplify them.
How South Africa plans to finance ICT infrastructure and services-related PPPs

Register here to attend the webinar.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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