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4IR laws we need to achieve our Smart City

Last week’s SONA made me think of a young petrol attendant I met in the rural Eastern Cape.  He was eloquent, erudite and perfect for a business process outsourcing centre (BPO) type job, like a call centre.  After last week’s address, a smart city, or smart village, could well be bringing that BPO job to him. There are legal and [...]

BRICS Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is known for being a region in the USA that houses the most significant number of innovative technology companies.  Silicon Valley is deemed to be the world’s technology capital, home to some of the world’s leading technology companies, such as Facebook, Apple, Google and Netflix. With the dawning of BRICS countries as the world's leading emerging economies emphasise [...]

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Robot Law Explained

Robot Law is a relatively new and emerging field of law in South Africa. It is rather an exciting field to delve into and includes concepts such as driverless vehicles, drones and everything to do with robots. It is worth mentioning at this point the famous science-fiction writer, Isaac Asimov’s, three fictional laws of robotics being: A robot may not [...]

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