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Broadcasting in South Africa

The media industry in South Africa does have a system of self regulation, however, it is also subject to various regulatory systems in the public sphere. There are a few pieces of legislation and a few regulatory bodies that play a vital role in the industry. The Broadcasting Act[1] encourages the development of South African expression by providing a wide [...]

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COVID-19: The importance working paperlessly in law firms

The spread of COVID-19 has negatively influenced the output of work at a global level. It has affected nearly every sector and has ultimately halted cross border trade. As the coronavirus unfolds across countries, many firms have adopted a policy which allows their employees to work remotely. However, considering the number of law firms that are wholly reliant on paper [...]

Legal considerations around eCommerce

We live in an ever globalised and connected world where it is possible to buy someone lunch across borders using a website or a mobile app. As the sale of goods and services from website and mobile apps increase, the appetite for online shopping continues to grow. However, various legal considerations should be made when selling goods or services online. [...]

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Incentives available to fund your movie and TV production

  Getting the money, this is without a doubt the single trickiest part of making a movie or television production.  Having to pay for the costs of location, cast, crew, hotel, travel, meals, licencing rights, rentals or any other items required for making even a small production.  For example, if ownership of the final product is not critical, filmmakers can [...]

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Technology aspects of the State of the Nation Address and what they mean for SA: exciting times ahead!

In his State of the Nation address last night, President Ramaphosa touched those areas of the South African economy that can turn our fortunes around relatively quickly: agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and technology. What he had to say about technology is really exciting. “Government is finalising a small business and innovation fund targeted at start-ups.” He’s just come back from Davos.  [...]

Shouldn’t the SA Post Office be using #FinTech to reduce the cost of paying SASSA grants?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides grants to the elderly, disabled and certain children. Grant beneficiaries receive money through a bank or cash payment.[1] Beneficiaries are compelled to receive their grant payments in these archaic and inconvenient ways. These methods involve beneficiaries having to travel to a physical location. This means time, effort, expense and potential loss by [...]

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Introduction The Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) recently ruled that Duracell’s claim that its batteries “last up to 10 times longer” than ordinary zinc batteries was misleading to consumers and effectively breached Clause 4.2.1 of Section II of the Code.  This decision followed a referral by Eveready (Pty) Ltd which stated that Duracell’s advertising campaign breached five codes under the ASA’s [...]

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Section 16 of the Constitution Everyone has the right to freedom of expression & the right to receive and impart information and ideas. Section 10 of the Constitution Everyone has the right to the protection of this dignity and reputation. Competing Rights Two competing rights which are upheld by the Constitution. Section 16 of the Constitution provides a broad guarantee [...]

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POPI’s draft regulations have been published

They are simple and clear to understand. Don’t miss your opportunity to comment. Earlier this year, during a stakeholder briefing, South Africa’s Information Regulator chairperson promised to have draft Protection of Personal Information Act regulations out before the end of 2017.  She has kept her word: draft POPIA (the Information Regulator prefers this acronym) regulations were published on Friday 8 [...]

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Tough lessons from SA corporate blunders on Twitter – a few tips on reducing the damage

OUTsurance, MiWay and more recently 702 Radio have all had social media mishaps. OUTsurance and 702 Radio because of decisions taken by their own teams and MiWay, somewhat unfairly as a result of a "fake" email that it attributes to a disgruntled customer. Social media can be a minefield if not used wisely, particularly in situations and on topics that may seem trivial and light-hearted [...]

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